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eBob FredrijkansonEdit

eBob Fredrijkanson is a 13 year old Morintha from the planet Omocron Perseui 5 who has 2 sisters and no brothers.His Grandparents moved to Perseui 5 in 1922 BGII from Mollarinx due to a population overgrowths which caused the planets resources to be rationed, the Ralolia KoJo's Species helped the Morinthian population by taking 47.2 Million from the homeworld,The other 27 Billion died in the year 1923.

eBob attends Lura Tuk High School.

Social LifeEdit

eBob lives on 15 Archive Street near the center of Lura Tuk,he lives next to his friend KoJo.

His sister Bleela is 17 years old and attends Six - form at Lura Tuk High, she will soon go to her pilgramige which is her steps into adulthood.

eBob had a sister Norami but she died at a young age due to Kelpos Dynorma which causes a neural disfunction.

eLba Fredrijkanson and Moldo Fredrijkanson are eBob and Bleela's Parents who are near their Mentho Minxa stage which makes them very important people.

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